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Eye Exam in Las Vegas, NV

Regular eye exams are quick, straightforward, and painless. Most doctors recommend testing your vision on an annual basis to ensure your vision prescription is up to date, determine if you need one, and make sure your eyes are healthy.
At Summerlin Vision, we conduct regular eye exams as the first line of defense against eye disorders such as inflammation, glaucoma, chronic dry eye, cataracts, and age-related issues.

What Is an Eye Exam?

During a complete eye exam, Dr. Civia McCaffrey will physically examine your eyes and take several tests. Some tests will look for any changes in your vision and determine if you need glasses or contacts. Other tests include assessing your eye health and look for any eye disease. 
An exam will help us to evaluate your overall eye health. Special equipment and instruments are used to perform a thorough exam of your eyes. These tests don’t usually hurt but might cause some discomfort. 

How Regularly Should You Get an Eye Exam?

Most children and adults should get a complete eye checkup done at least once a year. People at a higher risk for eye disease or vision problems may need more frequent eye exams, especially if you:

  • Are sixty years of age and above.
  • Had undergone an eye surgery
  • Suffered an eye injury or damage from a stroke.
  • Have a family history of eye disorders.
  • Have a chronic condition that can cause eye issues, such as diabetes.
  • Use contact lenses or glasses.

What Tests Can You Expect During an Eye Exam?

During a regular eye exam, we perform the following tests to determine your eye health:

  • Pre-Exam Tests

A pre-exam includes a few basic tests to check for color sensitivity, peripheral vision, glaucoma, and a cover test to conclude how well your eyes work together. 

  • Pupillary Reactions

The doctor will check your pupils’ responsiveness by using light. The pupils’ response to light is a natural function of the eye and is critical to your vision. Besides this, the doctor will also look at the surface of your eye for signs of dry eye, corneal scratches, and bacterial debris.

  • Slit Lamp Test

During a slit lamp test, the doctor will shine a vertical bar of light to magnify your eye’s surface and detect abnormalities on the cornea, iris, and lens. 

  • Visual Acuity and Refraction

This test will help to check your ability to read and identify numbers and letters. It allows the doctor to determine your vision prescription needs. 

  • Pupil Dilation

At the end of your exam, your eyes will be dilated to examine your retina and optic nerve more fully. To dilate your eyes, a few drops of solution will be put in your eyes to make your pupils enlarge and give a better view of your eye.

To get a comprehensive eye exam, visit us at Summerlin Vision in the Las Vegas area or call at (702) 243-8788 to schedule your appointment.

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